Little Warriors

I have been doing some work for Andy over at MondoBaldo for some time now, and the latest job has been working on an illustration for a t-shirt featuring these little warriors.  MondoBaldo is well on its way to being associated with the Alopecia community, and has done great things for people by simply delivering its message of being bald and proud.  This design is specifically for those children who are battling their disease head on and showing that they have nothing to fear.

The design options themselves were narrowed down to this by the MondoBaldo community. Colors are not final, and will more than likely be the color of the shirt they are printed on.  These colors were simply to show a quick difference between the boy and girl designs.

Happy 50th Robin!

I have had a number of projects the last few weeks, so I want to show you some of the things I’ve done.
This project started out as part of an invite to a 50th birthday party, but after a minor setback the project continued in the form of this poster that was displayed at the party this past weekend.  The content came from ideas Robin had for the theme/features at the party.

Cisco Annual Report

This project was a collaboration for Mia Chubarova’s annual report for Cisco.  The concept going into this project is that “With Cisco, anything is possible.”  With that concept in mind, we worked on developing visuals for how Cisco is changing the way we work, live, play, and learn.  The benefits of this particular photography style allowed for so much more to come across on camera without having to use photoshop to achieve it.