It’s Too Cold Out Here, Spider.

Does NYC get this cold in comics?

I Want To Tell The Stories You’ve Never Told

Over the next several months, it is my goal to take on a personal project as a visual storyteller. In order to succeed, I need your help. Tell me a story from your life you’ve never told anyone about. Make it funny, make it sad, make it scandalous or scary, but I don’t want to know who you are. Unless it’s part of the story, I wouldn’t even like to know your age, what you look like, or even if you’re male or female. It is from your stories that I will develop a series of illustrations.

In a paragraph or less, please submit your story at The contact form requires a name and email, so please just enter anonymous and a fake email. By submitting, you are giving me the creative freedom to interpret your story as I see fit, and possibly include the story with the illustration.

I welcome anybody to be a part of this storytelling experience, so please spread the word, and thank you for your participation!

DesignTAXI’s 10 illustrators to Follow This Week

One of the benefits of looking yourself up on Google is finding out you’ve been featured on DesignTAXI as one of ten illustrators to follow for the week!

Thanks DesignTAXI!

NBB Kickstarter

For those of you have been following my work, I had a great project with the New Buffalo Breaking Co. and now they need YOUR help. Help Buffalo return to brewing greatness and donate today.


Vesper WIP

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything due to some freelance branding and web work, so I figured I’d show you something I’m working on at the moment. I previously posted the sketch for this, but I have decided to digitally paint Vesper in two different styles.

Here is the WIP of style number 1.

Don Sketch Before Paint

I’ve been meaning to do some more portraits.
After finally watching the Mad Men season 6 finale I’ve decided to go with Don.

Paint to follow.


I’ve been neglecting adding new sketches to this blog as I post them all over other social media outlets…

So here is to me finally updating.

Robin Redesign

I chose to do a costume redesign for Robin. Obviously my version is based on the bird itself in color and design, giving him black eyes with broke white rings around them, and an overall gray body suit with an orange breast plate is the shape of a bird. This uniform would easily be recognizable as a silhouette, all black showing the white eye rings and orange bird.

My version no longer has a cape. Under his arm is built more like a glider suit.
Think Spiderman’s armpit webs or maybe more like Black Bolt’s costume.

This was made for the redesign contest for [link]
…and as an added benefit, Project rooftop just conveniently posted
that their latest Fan-Art Friday character is going to be Robin.

Beast: Project Rooftop’s Fan Art Friday

Project Rooftop, where cartoonists and illustrators redesign superhero costumes, has made a call for submissions for a segment called “Fan Art Friday.” I chose to go “classic” with a version of Beast that I grew up with from the 90’s cartoon. Rather than giving him a solid full body of blue hair, I took a cue from apes and thinned out the hair on his face, chest and stomach, and leaving his palms hair free. Throw in some trunks a little closer to his days without blue hair and you have my submission!

Batman may have the biggest wardrobe closet in all of superhero comics, but Marvel’s Beast seems to be the one that goes through the most transformation. With him recently evolving to a more ape-like look in the pages of All-New X-Men, we thought it time to celebrate the various incarnations of Dr. Henry McCoy in our next Fan-Art Friday.”


Character Chop Shop: The Walking Red

Just another piece I did for fun during the day.

For those of you who may be unaware, the people who wear red shirts in the original Star Trek series have a habit of being killed. This is their chance to come back.