Moto Z to A

I had the pleasure to work as one of the illustrators on the A to Z campaign for the Moto Z Droid. This campaign was a showcase of the creative things people can do with the phone and available mods. Each letter was brought to life in animation; many by South African studio, Am I Collective. My letter (T) focused on the Power Pack mod.

“Travel on one charge. In a snap. A road trip essential – Moto Z Droid + TUMI Power Pack.

New Buffalo Brewing Co.

The New Buffalo Brewing Co. is an up and coming brewery in Buffalo, NY started by William Campbell. I’ve not had the chance to try any of their brews yet, but I’m happy to contribute work to the New Buffalo Brewing imagery. Check out what they have coming at

Red Cross

I wanted to create a set of images that might inspire someone to go do something good.  I landed on doing a set of ads for Red Cross that takes true stories and puts them into form.  Each image is a blood line that tells the true story of the person who was saved by donors.

Killebrew Rootbeer

Character development project based on Twins player Harmon Killebrew.  These were used to present a new direction for Killebrew Rootbeer, a top seller at Target Stadium.