All the Jedi

Every Jedi whoever lived, lives in Rey. Before Episode 9, one thing I wanted to see was a collection of Jedi force ghosts. The perfect opportunity came and went for every Jedi to come together behind her. Since it didn’t happen on screen, I figured I’d have to create it for myself. Inspired by LOTR: Return of the king, when Aragorn embraces his role as king and fights with the army of the dead, Rey faces off against Palpatine to balance the force once again.

First Impression

OCT 21 2015

Happiness (Mad Men Finale)

Johnny Rooster Style Guide

Johnny Rooster is a superstitious baseball player with a lot on his mind.  Johnny, originally created for a clothing line, became a character I used for a number of comic strips.  This body of work includes style guide sheets and some examples of the comics, ranging from single image, daily strips, and a sunday strip.

Daily Series: The Wrong Halloween

After watching Nightmare before Christmas when it first came on to Netflix, I started thinking about who these characters could “dress-up” as for Halloween. I found that quite a bit of them go well with Batman’s rogues gallery, and so the fun ensued.

These works are part of my Character Chop Shop daily sketches.
Joker Jack
Poison Sally
Finkelstein Freeze
Clayface Boogie
Mayor Two-Face

Dark Side Over The Rainbow

This piece was once a quick daily sketch that I had done for the blog I started at PC with some students in the illustration department.

The story behind it comes from Pink Floyd’s album, Dark Side of the Moon, and the theory that it syncs with the Wizard of Oz.  I wanted to capture that idea in a single image without relying on sound or text, so I found that incorporating the album cover’s prism and rainbow would coincide perfectly with the scene where the film turns from black and white into color.

I wanted there to be a distinct look between the two worlds, yet show that they can exist together, so the black and white part of the image is done with line-work and digital shading while Oz is created from colored shapes that make up Munchkin land.

The title of this is again a combo of the album and the movie. The scene that is referenced in my image is just before Dorothy sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which speaks to the transition to color and the rainbow coming from the prism in her hand.


Mad Man (Don Draper)

Portrait of Don Draper from AMC’s Mad Men.

Mariachi Party

The characters and matter of creating a mariachi band were sprung from ideas for a birthday party with hot pepper invites, armadillo cake, featuring a mariachi band.  Those were ideas being tossed around for a birthday party that I was asked to help develop an invitation for. This poster became that project instead and was featured at the event.