Icons & Logos

Mike Haftel

This mark was commissioned by Mike Haftel, a creative who studied at the Creative Circus in Atlanta.  Mike wanted a mark to represent himself that has elements (such as the tentacles) that could carry throughout his book.

Sherwin Williams

Like FITA below, Sherwin Williams is a company that could use a logo update.  Many people may recognize the globe covered in red paint, but in today’s “eco-friendly” society, it is criticized for not looking environmentally friendly.  My take was to keep it looking like a family business with a long history of success.  This logo can also be used in stores as a color swatch with gradients of color in the bars of the paint brush.


FITA (Federation Internationale de Tir a l’Arc) or the International Archery Federation is a world archery organization with a logo that could use an update.  This design is my interpretation of creating a more modern look that gives a better impression about what the organization is about.


MTGO Traders

Commissioned redesign of the MTGO (Magic The Gathering Online) Traders logo.