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Johnny Rooster Style Guide

Johnny Rooster is a superstitious baseball player with a lot on his mind.  Johnny, originally created for a clothing line, became a character I used for a number of comic strips.  This body of work includes style guide sheets and some examples of the comics, ranging from single image, daily strips, and a sunday strip.


This is an American story. The sport of baseball is as much an expression of national identity as any anthem in this country. It is a very mental game and I wanted to capture what might be going though these players’ minds as the anthem is played and allow viewers to develop a story of their own.

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This was my take on an article I found in GQ magazine about a young man who’s identity came into question after becoming a high school basketball star.  I modified the page design slightly, but I wanted to try and create this editorial illustration within the confines of the magazine’s current design.


FITA (Federation Internationale de Tir a l’Arc) or the International Archery Federation is a world archery organization with a logo that could use an update.  This design is my interpretation of creating a more modern look that gives a better impression about what the organization is about.


Killebrew Rootbeer

Character development project based on Twins player Harmon Killebrew.  These were used to present a new direction for Killebrew Rootbeer, a top seller at Target Stadium.