So, there used to be a picture of an artichoke hanging in Portfolio Center a few months before I graduated. The moment I saw it, this painting is what I saw. I wish I knew which student photographed it, so I could show them. I wanted to add in a little bit of Spider-man into the piece, so I painted the spider dangling in the eye of the mask like Spider-man would hang upside down.

Scroll through for the sketch and the artichoke that inspired it all.


MTGO Traders

I’ve been in the middle of a bunch of projects and neglecting the blog.

I was recently asked by MTGO (magic the gathering online) Traders to recreate their logo in vector form and had a little freedom in putting some of my own touches on it. After some deliberation with them, here is what I came up with…

Also included is the old version in comparison with some of my steps.

If any of you are into MTGO, check these guys out at www.mtgotraders.com