Mad Man (Don Draper)

Portrait of Don Draper from AMC’s Mad Men.


This is an American story. The sport of baseball is as much an expression of national identity as any anthem in this country. It is a very mental game and I wanted to capture what might be going though these players’ minds as the anthem is played and allow viewers to develop a story of their own.

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Red Cross

I wanted to create a set of images that might inspire someone to go do something good.  I landed on doing a set of ads for Red Cross that takes true stories and puts them into form.  Each image is a blood line that tells the true story of the person who was saved by donors.

Self Portrait

I am known by many names to many different people.  I started thinking about identity and how it may change depending on the people who surround you.  Depending on those people, I may be a brother, a football player, an RA or an illustrator, so I used a self portrait project to address the essence of one’s identity and the duality that I believe exists within any given person.