Fawn Dorr Mask Test

This is a quick test sketch of an old friend of mine from back home. Fawn is a talented and determined young athlete who has taken her skills to the professional level. (Check her out on twitter at here) After I had posted a number of my recent Character Chop Shop pieces, Fawn had asked me about doing a character portrait of her. I’ve been drawing superheroes for as long as I can remember so it seemed like a great project once she asked me to turn her into a superhero.

Stay tuned for the character sketch and final painting…

Character Chop Shop: Mayor Two-Face

So here is the last of this series for now: Mayor as Two Face.

Mayor already has two faces, so it was easy to see why I went this direction, but if he were to be Two-Face for Halloween, I think he would have to tear off half of his sad face and put it on his happy face. Give him a two sided suit and he’s good to go…


Character Chop Shop: Clayface Boogie

Today is Oogie Boogie as Clayface.

I figured if anyone were going to dress up as Clayface, they could make it easy on themselves by just dumping some mud over their body.
So I took this approach with Oogie and showed a little of his canvas body underneath that Georgia red clay.

Only one more to go for this series. I did think of alternates for each of these characters, but maybe those can just be a series of head-shots I do in a day.

Character Chop Shop: Finkelstein Freeze

Back to it. Today is Dr. Finkelstein as Mr. Freeze.


Character Chop Shop: Poison Sally

To continue the Nightmare Before Christmas Batman villain theme, I give you Sally as Poison Ivy. Sally has a premonition from a flower and is stuffed with leaves, so it makes sense that she would be Poison Ivy for Halloween.

I was thinking of names to call this series… I think I’ll call it The Wrong Halloween. This stems from the Batman graphic novel, The Long Halloween, and in spirit of who these characters are and where they come from, I think it fits.

Character Chop Shop: Joker Jack

In my first day back into the chop shop, I bring you Jack Skellington, as the Joker.

After watching Nightmare before Christmas when it came on to Netflix, I started thinking about who these characters could “dress-up” as for Halloween. I found that quite a bit of them go well with Batman’s rogues gallery. I thought of Marvel versions too, but maybe those will be future sketches.