Character Chop Shop: Poison Sally

To continue the Nightmare Before Christmas Batman villain theme, I give you Sally as Poison Ivy. Sally has a premonition from a flower and is stuffed with leaves, so it makes sense that she would be Poison Ivy for Halloween.

I was thinking of names to call this series… I think I’ll call it The Wrong Halloween. This stems from the Batman graphic novel, The Long Halloween, and in spirit of who these characters are and where they come from, I think it fits.

Character Chop Shop: Joker Jack

In my first day back into the chop shop, I bring you Jack Skellington, as the Joker.

After watching Nightmare before Christmas when it came on to Netflix, I started thinking about who these characters could “dress-up” as for Halloween. I found that quite a bit of them go well with Batman’s rogues gallery. I thought of Marvel versions too, but maybe those will be future sketches.


So, there used to be a picture of an artichoke hanging in Portfolio Center a few months before I graduated. The moment I saw it, this painting is what I saw. I wish I knew which student photographed it, so I could show them. I wanted to add in a little bit of Spider-man into the piece, so I painted the spider dangling in the eye of the mask like Spider-man would hang upside down.

Scroll through for the sketch and the artichoke that inspired it all.


“Yeah? Well My God Has A Hammer…”

Assigned to paint a landscape environment, I wanted to do some work on “painting the air,” having a foreground middle ground and background.  Like the “Driver” piece in my last post, I had an idea, made some minor tweaks to the original sketch and this is what happened.  The changes I made were extending the image to be much more vertical by increasing the size of the giant in the background.  Some line work in the background will need to be softer in the final.


The lighting and color of Drive inspired me to try my hand at painting the shine of an intersection wiped across these faces. I decided to try it with this straight/hard edge sketching style I’ve been playing with. Not a whole lot of process to be shown on this.  I had an idea for what I wanted and, with the exception of some minor tweaks and value adjustments, this is what happened.  I’ll be painting this in greens and reds.

I intended to paint this in greens and reds. The green light at the intersection shining on the green interior of the car and the red light across from them shining on their faces.  However, after trying a number of color studies a decided to try and blue and purple interior and I knew it was right.

*update 2*

“What do you do?”
“I drive.”


Paint Studies

I figured I should throw out some studies onto the site that I’ve done but that I dont necessarily want to put in the portfolio section.


Another Study

Here’s another study I had done that has changed a lot for me in terms of how I paint now.  The steps used are to in lights and darks first 2.wash over the lights and darks with your base colors and then 3.adding in a number of colors to make it more dynamic such as a hot color before diving into shadow or spots of color to give the base colors a new hue without painting over it.

Here you go!