I Want To Tell The Stories You’ve Never Told

Over the next several months, it is my goal to take on a personal project as a visual storyteller. In order to succeed, I need your help. Tell me a story from your life you’ve never told anyone about. Make it funny, make it sad, make it scandalous or scary, but I don’t want to know who you are. Unless it’s part of the story, I wouldn’t even like to know your age, what you look like, or even if you’re male or female. It is from your stories that I will develop a series of illustrations.

In a paragraph or less, please submit your story at http://www.matthewpalizay.com/contact/. The contact form requires a name and email, so please just enter anonymous and a fake email. By submitting, you are giving me the creative freedom to interpret your story as I see fit, and possibly include the story with the illustration.

I welcome anybody to be a part of this storytelling experience, so please spread the word, and thank you for your participation!

DesignTAXI’s 10 illustrators to Follow This Week

One of the benefits of looking yourself up on Google is finding out you’ve been featured on DesignTAXI as one of ten illustrators to follow for the week!

Thanks DesignTAXI!



Bringing back the chop shop. Sort of.

So while I was at PC, some illustrator friends and I started a daily blog, where we picked pop culture topics out of a jar and drew the given characters for that week. After a couple months of doing it consistently,  we named it “Character Chop Shop.” So, I’d like to start doing character drawings again, but I’d like to give myself a little more freedom. This is meant to explore, be free, and experiment with different forms and styles. It is going to be a little more random for me rather than a new topic each week. Character Chop Shop will be just be a category/theme on my blog. I’ve got a few ideas brewing around so I’ll get started at the start of the new year.

Check out what the chop shop used to be at one point and take a look at the other artists and their sites as well. They’re talented people, so do it!


New York, NY

After a long month and many miles behind me, I’m finally settled in NYC.

Back to work!


Booked for RAW!!!

The show will be on Wednesday, October 24th.